FemRight is working towards educating Refugee girls about their periods and feminine hygiene care in an effort to prevent common infections and get girls back in school.


By educating girls and providing enough feminine hygiene products to refugees, we aim to improve their health security and minimize vulnerability in the camps.


Our end goal is to make sure that girls are not excluded from education or other everyday activities on account of not having enough feminine hygiene products.

Our Mission

FemRight was created to provide education, security and inclusion for refugee girls. We do that by raising awareness and funding to tackle the most pressing problems faced by young women in poverty that prevent them from continuing with education, including access to the Internet, technology, school supplies and crucially, lack of feminine hygiene products.

When we give girls the things they need to have dignity and be safe, secure and protected, they can continue their education and the world is a better place.


Total Refugee Population 21300000 People
Percent of Refugees who are Children 50%
Percent of Refugee Children not in School 33%

Less than 1% of refugee girls receive a post-secondary education.

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